Dehli to Mumbai

Me and Tom travel across central India. India route

Day 1 - Wednesday 23/08/17

The flight from Heathrow was a joy. An almost empty British Airways flight took off late morning arriving in Dehli just before midnight. Border control was awful. A mix up with visas left me stranded in front of a India border while they discussed my right to enter the country. Turns out there are many ways to purchase an Indian visa legitimately even if not directly from the government. This was the first of many mix ups and slightly corrupt business transactions we would have in India. We started to leave the airport once stocked up on Rupees but our path was block by another border officer. This time he had a machine gun instead of a stamp. A small team had barricaded the door as some sort of training exercise. The hordes of Dehli were not fazed by this exercise as the clung to us desperately selling their taxis. Luckily we had a pre-booked taxi and made our way towards Dehli in dirty heat of Dehli. There is no way to put this nicely. Dehli is a shit hole. Litter is absolutely everywhere you look, poverty stricken families live under bridges by road sides and stray dogs threaten you with rabies almost every step.

Day 2 - Thursday 24/08/17

Day 3 - Friday 25/08/17

Day 4 - Saturday 26/08/17

Day 5 - Sunday 27/08/17

Day 6 - Monday 28/08/17

Day 7 - Tuesday 29/08/17

Day 8 - Wednesday 30/08/17

Day 9 - Thursday 31/08/17

Day 10 - Friday 01/09/17

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Day 12 - Sunday 03/09/17

Day 13 - Monday 04/09/17

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Day 15 - Wednesday 06/09/17

Day 16 - Thursday 07/09/17