Date Title Duration
Spring 2016 Bratislava to Split 9 days
Summer 2014 Vancouver to Montreal 4 weeks
Summer 2011 Nice to Amsterdam 2 weeks
Summer 2010 Scotland 2 weeks

Bratislava to Split

East euro routeDrowning beeEllie on wallsnowCoastTrain
Me and my girlfriend, Ellie, travel from Bratislava, Slovakia to Split, Croatia. Speeding across Austria on a night train we settled in Slovenia for a while. Bohinj lake in the Triglavski national park was incredible. Moving down south we jumped across the Dalmatian islands which was a strange experience in out of season tourist towns. Will certainly be heading back to Croatia!

Vancouver to Montreal

Canada route 1Canada route 2Canada gangRaftingMonkey on the road
Me and four friends from University take to the roads of Canda in an RV. Visting British Columbia and Alberta. We then visted Toronto, Ottawa and finally Montreal by train. Truely amazing. Surfing in the Pacific ocean and white water rafting in the Rockies followed by the humming streets of downtown Toronto. Such a contrast in a vast country of which we only saw a tiny fraction.

Nice to Amsterdam

Europe routeStein of beerJumpBridge
Me and two friends from college meandered our way from Nice to Amsterdam. Mainly rough camping we managed to save a lot of money for German pubs. We still got to relax and take in some sights.


Scotland routeSteepMess tinMatesPub time
Around the Highlands it takes along time to get anywhere by foot.