Cars and Bikes

Brought Sold Vechicle
2014 - Mazda Mx5
2012 2014 Suzuki GN 125cc
2010 2011 Citeron Saxo
2009 2010 Land Rover Defender
2008 2009 Yamaha DT 125cc
2007 2008 Derbi Senda DRD 50cc

Mazda Mx5

Cheap thrills but keeps stalling in traffic. Considering selling on.

Suzuki GN 125cc

Very good MPG but a bit flashy. Bent the brake pedal by trying to use the bridge of ford and slipping on the wet wood. Sold to a friend from uni who got on well with the bike.

Citeron Saxo

Not a bad little car. Special edition which meant it had different colour seat belts!

Land Rover Defender

Hours of fun. The winter I had this Landy it snowed heavily which was good news for me.

Yamaha DT 125cc

Awesome bike. Took me a month to find the power band at which point I never stopped to gunning it everywhere. Eventually blew up the exhaust on the bypass.

Derbi Senda 50cc

First bike I ever rode. Dad taught me how to ride and I spent the next year clogging up the roads doing 30mph with this tiny engine. I can't find any actual pictures but this is the same model.